Our Story

Exclusive handcrafted pieces for a trendy You! That is the reason why we are here and what brought you here too. 

TARZ is a group of three individuals of completely different mindsets and backgrounds, yet only one similarity: good taste and artistic soul!

Living in UAE for over 10 years makes us miss the connection with our homeland the most. Especially living in a place where most of the things are factory made and everything is everywhere, made us come to a point where we three agreed to bring our traditions, our feelings and our handicrafts to this market. 

It all started when we geared ourselves up for a country road trip from southern Pakistan towards the north side, picking the most unique, handcrafted and traditional pieces from Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Lahore and Faisalabad. The experience of meeting new people with a rich culture, values and traditions is beyond words. Hence, wandering through the deserts of Cholistan, we made a decision to bring closer the Cholistan desert to the Gulf desert, Sindhi culture to Arab culture, and pure cowhide products to the synthetic market of the Gulf Region, where people with rich taste wholeheartedly welcome the exclusive products to fit into their trendy lifestyles!